Teething Rings

Written by Liza Hartung
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If your child is at that age where he or she is starting to get fussy and irritated because some little white bones are poking through the gums, you may need to invest in some teething rings. A teething ring to a baby is like ice cream to a woman after an emotional day. The rings help sooth a baby's gums while teeth are trying to come in. It's a smart idea to have more than one because babies can throw.

A lot of teething rings can be put in the freezer, and this can be a good idea. As the baby chews and chomps on a cold ring, it can serve to numb the gums a bit and ease pain. As far as aesthetics go, there are hundreds of designs to choose from. Most rings are exactly that-a ring. This is so babies can hold on to them most easily, and no matter which way they turn the ring, there is always something to chew.

Teething Rings for Sore Gums

You can get rings for you little teething one in all kinds of designs. You can get your favorite characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Barney, Blues Clues or Sesame Street. Some just have pretty designs on them like ducks or bunnies. My suggestion is to get a few so that you can match them with your child's outfit that day. That could be taking it too far, but I might do something like that for an outing or a party.

There are also elaborate rings out there. Some are attached to a plush stuffed animal. Others have about six teething rings attached on one big ring. They are usually very colorful and will delight your baby. Also, some have rattles in them, too. Those provide entertainment and gum healing at the same time. No matter what your purchase choice may be, your baby will thank you.

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