Thomas And Friends

Written by Liza Hartung
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The loveable Thomas and Friends has been around for years and years. Being that Thomas the Tank Engine is so adorable, it's no wonder that he's so popular. He has acquired more and more friends as the years have gone on, and as he's had his television show. He seems to have hundreds of friends at this point! Well, some of them aren't friends. Some want to see him fail. However, he does have plenty of friends who root him on all the way.

The World of Thomas and Friends

Thomas' world is wonderful. Thomas himself is a very eager little engine, and can sometimes get himself into trouble for wanting to do all the jobs that grown-ups should be doing. He usually gets past it, however, and keeps on trucking in his own way. Lucky for him he has Annie and Clarabel to take care of him. These two ladies have seen their day, but are always around to coach Thomas on how to be a Really Useful Engine.

Caroline the Car is another member of Thomas and Friends. She's an old-fashioned lady who can't go much faster than 20 miles an hour. She loves to drive on over to a park and just stay there for a while. Another good friend of Thomas' is Salty the Dockside Diesel. He's an older guy who's worked hard all his life. He'll tell you exactly what is on his mind, but he certainly has a huge heart.

Every so often the Thomas and Friends crew comes across some not-so-friendly folk. Iron 'Arry and Bert are two diesel trucks who enjoy spreading doom and gloom. Their whole mission is to break up steam engines because they think diesel is the best. Overall, Thomas is surrounded by some pretty great friends.

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