Thomas Engines

Written by Liza Hartung
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How many Thomas engines have inspired even the most cynical of adults? They are all so helpful and fun and get through tough times together that I can't help but smile at this crew. So many characters span the spectrum of good and bad qualities that children can't help but learn valuable life lessons though these little toys.

The Personality of Thomas Engines

Each little Thomas engine has its own personality and its own good and bad traits. For instance, Douglas the Scottish Twins love each other so much that they hate to be separated. They are great after a snowstorm because of their plowing abilities, but can get in trouble because they never want to leave each other's side. Then there is Daisy, a passenger diesel. She believes she is too good to tow trucks and will only carry passengers. On top of it all, though, she is friendly and fun.

Two other good friends of Thomas are Ben and Bill. They are two Thomas engines who love being sly and sticking their noses where they don't belong. They have good hearts, but a flair for trouble. A diesel that Thomas tries to steer clear of is Diesel #10. He lives on another island and has it out for Thomas and all of his friends. He is extremely strong, but uses it in the wrong way.

One of the Thomas engines, Lady, is someone who's good side you want to be on. She is the one who can disclose the secret to the Magic Mountain. Mavis is a great young diesel to be around because of all her energy. Since she is so young, however, she tends to do things without thinking. She's smart, though, because she rarely makes the same mistake twice.

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