Thomas Sets

Written by Liza Hartung
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If your child is remotely into Thomas the Tank Engine, then you must know the importance of Thomas Sets. How are all those train cars supposed to get around if they don't have a track to follow? Train cars don't just sit they. They are made to be linked together and go from town to town doing important errands and transporting families. If you have some Thomas trains, you need some sets.

Get Around with Thomas Sets

There are all sorts of sets for Thomas and his friends, from the most basic to intricate and portable. The most basic ones are wooden tracks that either go in a figure eight or a simple oval. You will need these before building on and adding a town. And what is a train without a town to do business in? Perhaps you will decide that the postman set is something your train needs. After all, everybody has to get his or her mail somehow.

Once you've got the basics down, you'll need some people to live in the town. Some of the trains will need conductors. And what will you do if any of the trains break down? You are going to need a team of engineers. Lucky for you, you can get these workers in one of the many Thomas sets. There is a pair of upper class people who may own the train station and come down to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Sometimes it just isn't fun to have your train set running on a carpet. Therefore, Thomas sets has provided a sort of astro-turf set for you. In addition, there are sets that run through mountain ranges. And for a day or two of fun for the people of the town, there is a Roundhouse set. It has plenty of accessories for lots of fun, and comes with a Thomas storage box.

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