Kids Toys…..wood Is The New Plastic

Written by Lissa
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As we are becoming more and more green, all kinds of eco-friendly practices are becoming trendy. It’s now cool to recycle, shopping for organic food is chic, and ‘old skool’ fashion is now ‘new skool’.

Even parents have plenty of opportunities to make “green” buying decisions these days, from groceries to packaging to diapers. But does this new green mode of thought apply to kids and their toys? As with other walks of life, doesn’t plastic rule supreme? Plastic is the way to go isn’t it?

Toys made from plastics use non-renewable sources and can be difficult to recycle. Every bit of plastic that has ever been made still exists. It may have crumbled into small particles but it will never biodegrade.

Although some plastics can be recycled most actually require additional plastic to be added for recycling to be possible. Back in 1999 soft plastic teething rings, and other chewable plastic baby toys, were banned due to the content of potentially dangerous phthalates. Tests have shown that large amounts of phthalates, used to make PVC pliable, can cause damage to kidneys, liver and testicles. Makes you think twice about buying your baby gifts doesn’t it?

Not surprisingly many parents are now choosing traditional, wooden toys for their baby and kids toys. Traditional wooden toys are quickly becoming very fashionable as parents try to minimise their child’s exposure to potentially harmful materials and environmental awareness grows.
Purchasing natural, wooden toys made from sustainable resources means you’re not buying newly-manufactured plastics and all the petroleum by-products they entail. These toys are so durable that they will be in great condition when your child outgrows them, meaning you’ll recycle them as hand-me-downs.
Wooden toys are made from renewable, sustainable materials and are generally painted bright, appealing colours using non-toxic paint. There are clear health benefits to children due to the absence of phthalates, and there are environment benefits due to the use of renewable resources.
Buying natural, wooden toys means you can feel good about knowing you’re buying green products made from renewable resources, and your child will thoroughly enjoy learning from and playing with them.
So now you can consciously know you are protecting your child and the environment when purchasing the perfect baby gift this Christmas.

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