Radio Flyer

Written by Jessica Duquette
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The name Radio Flyer is synonymous with the classic American childhood. For generations many children have enjoyed the wonders of owning a lil red wagon and the memories that go along with it. A company started by one Italian immigrant would create 85 years of happiness among Americans.

What began as a small nighttime business for Antonio Pasin would multiply into nearly a century of success and smiles. Through economic hardships and disastrous wars, the Radio Flyer wagon would prevail. As decades passed, more successful products entered the homes of many Americans.

Bring the Fun Back Outside

From wheel barrows to scooters and bikes to trikes, almost every child in any given neighborhood was blessed with a tiny red wagon to call their own. Today simplistic toys of our past have been replaced by technology. Many children have more computer savvy than their parents. When was the last time you took your child out for a cruise around the neighborhood on a bike?

The ice cream truck may be a thing of the past, but Radio Flyer is here to stay. Enjoy a Saturday afternoon tugging your toddler around the yard or having your kids help you in the garden. Wholesome fun doesn't have to cost you the equivalent of a swing set. For a few dollars you can bring the same smile to your child's face as the one you see in pictures from your childhood.

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