Radio Flyer All Terrain Wagon

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Kids are tough on toys, especially toddlers. Dolls get dragged around, crayons end up going through the wash, and action figures end up buried in the yard. Wagons are no different. For this reason the Radio Flyer All Terrain Wagon was introduced.

Sport Utility Wagon for Kids

You may think that the term sport utility is only used to describe vehicles. Commercials for SUVs boast mountain climbing, ultimate weather conditions and extreme driving methods. The Radio Flyer All Terrain wagon was built to accommodate even the toughest kids and unique conditions.

What is the difference between a traditional wagon and an All Terrain Wagon (ATW)? First, the materials to make the ATW consist of steel and wood. This adds strength and endurance to an already successful wagon. Additionally, there are several other safety mechanisms built into the Radio Flyer All Terrain Wagon.

Safety Mechanisms

No-pinch ball joints keep from pinching fingers, a common problem among wagon-type toys. With a controlled turning radius you never have to worry about the wagon tipping and children or objects falling out. Finally all wooden wagons are sanded and finished with a non-toxic treatment making the ATW easy on children's skin.

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