Radio Flyer Discovery Wagon

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A Radio Flyer Discovery wagon has the largest capacity of any plastic stake wagon. In addition to comfortably seating two children, it can also carry toys that are needed at the park, beach or other family excursions. The wagon not only offers everything that is expected of a Radio Flyer, but it has other great features that will ensure the wagon is used for years.

Storing the Radio Flyer Discovery Wagon

Many parents may be discouraged from buying such a large wagon because of the space it takes up in the garage or basement. Despite the Discovery wagon's size, the room it requires when not in use may surprise you. The side and end panels can be removed in minutes and the handle can be folded flat for easy storage.

The Discovery wagon is designed and built as well as you would expect from a Radio Flyer product. The molded plastic is extremely safe and durable. The wagon also features cup holders as well as a large storage compartment that can hold up to a dozen cans.

Not Just For Children

You may have fond memories of days spent watching a parade while sitting in a wagon or carrying your wagon down to the lemonade stand. While the Radio Flyer Discovery wagon will definitely see years of use by children, it is also great as a tool to use in the yard. The wagon can be used to haul off lawn clippings or move around mulch while saving trips and time.

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