Radio Flyer Dragster

Written by Jessica Duquette
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The Radio Flyer Dragster can provide your son with the thrill and excitement of a race car while ensuring you he is in safe hands. From ages three through 7, this Radio Flyer comes equipped with all the necessary safety features found only in this classic American brand. Parents have given the illustrious Parents Choice Silver Honor Award for the craftsmanship and durability of the Dragster.

The Radio Flyer Dragster sits atop real air tires. This functionality is rarely seen in children's wagons and tricycles. The construction offers high performance traction and road handling unparalleled in children's transportation.

Features of the Radio Flyer Dragster

A working hand brake and three position adjustable seat provide a comfortable and safe environment from children up to seven years old. In an effort to mimic true race car driving style, a clutch lends additional thrills with free-wheeling fun. Built from a steel frame, you never have to worry about your children out-performing this car.

Other Radio Flyer ride-ons are built in similar dragster fashion. The Speedy Pedal Car and Little Red Roadster also have the race car appeal so popular with today's toddlers.

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