Radio Flyer Navigator

Written by Jessica Duquette
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The Radio Flyer Navigator is the largest two-seat wagon built by Radio Flyer. A hinged door latches for added protection, ensuring your children remain seated in the wagon. With two seats, you can pull both of your children through the yard and avoid the "my turn!" complaints so commonly found in multi-children households.

Easy to Store

Worried about storing your Radio Flyer Navigator? Today's toys are bulky and cumbersome. For the most part, they wind up utilizing most of your garage storage space. The last thing you need is another bike or wagon with nowhere to store it.

Don't worry; the Navigator is easily stored in a closet or under a bed. With an extra long handle that folds under, this compact wagon can disappear and reappear without any hassles. The handle is unusually soft, making it easy on Mom or Dad's hands.

Radio Flyer Navigator Is Guaranteed Safe

The front axles are engineered to protect against tipping, even around the sharpest of corners. Dura-Tred wheels are lined with rubber, a signature of Radio Flyer construction. Even shock absorbing materials help make the Navigator the smoothest wagon ride available today.

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