Radio Flyer Wagons

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Overshadowed by many of today's technological innovations, Radio Flyer Wagons have taken a backseat to the Internet and video games. No longer do we ring the dinner bell to call our children in from outdoors. Today we holler up the stairs to pry them away from the TV screen.

Radio Flyer Wagons were first manufactured in the 1920's. A simplistic toy, children carried their friends, stuffed animals and even pets around the neighborhood. These wagons are a symbol of a classic American childhood and should be resurrected as such.

Improved Product Line

Since the beginning of production, Radio Flyer has expanded its product line to include tricycles, bicycles and scooters. Additionally, the original red wagon has been expanded on, and you can now find All-Terrain versions, push cars, steel, wood and even plastic wagons.

While the popularity of Radio Flyer wagons may not seem as obvious as it was 50 years ago, many American households depend on Radio Flyer for their child's summertime amusement. If you've been thinking about surprising your son or daughter with a gift, why not let them experience some of the same fun your parent's afforded you? They aren't extinct. In fact, these wagons are quite easy to find on the Internet.

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