Radio Flyer Walker Wagon

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A Radio Flyer Walker wagon will allow even younger children the opportunity to experience Radio Flyer thrills. The wagon not only serves as a method of transportation but also can be used as a storage container for other toys. Toddlers can use the wagon to aid their walking without the worry of injuries.

Solid Construction

The Radio Flyer Walker wagon is built with the same craftsmanship you are accustomed to with other Radio Flyer products. The solid wood body with removable wooden slats will surely stand up to frequent use and can withstand hours of pushing or riding. The handle is made of durable chrome which will allow children to easily grab hold as well as maintain its shape.

Your two-year-old can't compete with his big brother or sister. The Walker wagon will provide hours of entertainment for young toddlers while you're older children can enjoy the speed and thrill of the Radio Flyer Dragster. And because the wagon has been built for over 25 years you will know that you are getting a safe, quality product.

Buying a Radio Flyer Walker Wagon

Anyone that has looked for a wagon knows there are countless choices available ranging from solid plastic and wood, to steel-framed wagons. What differentiates a Radio Flyer wagon is the trusted name of Radio Flyer and the level of quality produced for over 85 years. Compare wagon options on the web, or speak to other parents to find out what manufacturer you can trust with your child's safety.

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