Red Wagons

Written by Jessica Duquette
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When you think of red wagons you may think back to the early days of childhood. Times when you and your friends next door would play out in the yard, towing your stuffed animals to imaginary tea parties. Something about those toy wagons heightened your sense of imagination. As you pulled your wagon around the neighborhood, you were on top of the world.

Today your seven year old probably watches videos or plays computer games. American households have lost sight of traditional fun and have been swept up in the whirls of technology. We want our kids to be smarter than we were, and if that means starting them on a keyboard at age six, so be it.

A Foundation of American Fun

Long before video games, computers and the Internet, Radio Flyer built little red wagons. For 85 years Radio Flyer has been a part of American households and continues to be today, though fewer and fewer families have focused on the innocence of childhood. Before you purchase your next computer game or rent the next Saturday night movie, think back to what it was like growing up and how the small things made a bigger difference.

For what it costs to rent a few movies, you can share an experience with your child that will remind you of what it's like to be young again. Red wagons, wheel barrows, and scooters are all available online at discounted prices. You'll be amazed at how many resellers are still successfully peddling those little red wagons.

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