Wooden Wagons

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Wooden wagons make for a great toy or gift. Do you know someone who loves gardening but can't quite seem to find the time to fit it in with a toddler at home? A wooden wagon could turn the boring chore of weeding into a game for any young child.

While wooden wagons are a blast from the past, many manufacturers such as Radio Flyer are still producing children's wagons, bikes and accessories. Since the early 1920's, children across America have had the joy of tugging their little wood wagons around the neighborhood.

Seasonal Ideas

Take your children for a hay ride though the piles of leaves in your yard this October. Bundle them up for a tour of the snow covered neighborhood in January. Get your kids involved in yard work and have them transport autumn leaves or potted plants.

A simple toy such as wooden wagons causes children to exercise their imagination. Promote these experiences with a purchase of a Radio Flyer wagon. For such a small investment the benefits of this traditional toy are tenfold.

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