Bachmann Train Sets

Written by Diane Sievert
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Bachmann train sets come in varying sizes and, as one could imagine, the price tags vary as well. Some of the sets are huge and include over a hundred separate pieces--these tend to be the more expensive ones. Other sets, like starter sets, are a little smaller and more affordable, but still contain everything you'll need to get started.

Some of the More Popular Bachmann Train Sets

The most popular Bachmann train sets are starter sets. These sets include everything from a limited amount of track to the locomotive and rolling stock itself. Once you purchase starter set, however, there's no crime in going back and adding more individual items as it becomes clear that they would enhance your layout.

Also quite popular are the Bachmann Christmas train sets. True, Lionel is often the leader in Christmas trains, but Bachmann is not far behind. Every year Bachmann follows Lionel in Christmas train sales as they have many fine Christmas sets to choose from.

Another plus is the fact that Bachmann train sets are mass-produced. This means you're likely to find a Bachmann train set in nearly any model train store or hobby shop. Bachmann train sets are also available from independent internet train stores.

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