Electric Toy Trains

Written by Diane Sievert
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Electric toy trains have been a popular pastime for several decades and interest shows no signs of slowing down. Manufacturing companies continue to report strong sales with an emphasis on electric toy trains. Picky consumers are in luck because today there are several kinds of operating systems available to choose from.

Various Kinds of Electric Toy Trains

The two rail operating system is by far the most common type of operating system among electric train enthusiasts. This system is relatively simple as the power is supplied to the locomotive via the rail. The engine uses power from the rail to propel itself forward until it reaches the next rail where it gets another surge of power.

This, however, is not the only option when it comes to powering electric toy trains. Some electric train fans opt for an overhead catenary system, a far more elaborate type of operating system. This kind of operating system is generally an item that must be purchased separately from the train set.

Yet another option when it comes to operating systems is the "stud contact" method. In this system electricity is supplied to the locomotive motor through both rails and is then returned through a central strip. This operating system is most often associated with the Marklin HO scale models and cannot be mixed with other types of operating systems.

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