Model Railroading

Written by Diane Sievert
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Model railroading is a unique hobby with a long and illustrious history. There are several clubs, associations and historical societies dedicated to the preservation of this pastime. If you've found yourself increasingly interested in model railroading and want to branch out and get involved with the toy train community, then joining a club or association might be the way to go.

Model Railroading Clubs, Associations and Historical Societies

Clubs tend to be smaller outfits, groups of local model railroading enthusiasts who enjoy getting together to share tips and experiences. Such clubs aren't always easy to find since they tend to be rather informal gatherings. Talk to your local model train specialty shop, as these experts are likely to know most of the train enthusiasts in your area.

Bigger and more formal associations are another option if you want to make model railroading a bigger part of your life. Nationwide organizations like the National Model Railroad Association often have both local chapters that meet quite often and larger regional seminars and conventions that meet annually. Membership in an association like this one identifies you as a very serious and devoted model toy hobbyist.

Historical societies are specific kinds of associations geared to the documentation and preservation of model railroading history. Like the more general associations, many of these societies offer both national membership and local chapters. These kinds of societies are usually frequented by classic train devotees and the like.

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