Model Railroading Magazines

Written by Diane Sievert
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Model railroading magazines are the best place to look if you want more information on model trains. In addition to your general model railroading magazines, there are plenty of more specialized journals. Some of these specialized magazines pay heed to particular tastes in toy trains (i.e. classic locomotives, garden railways, etc.) while others address everything from layout schemes to collector's tips.

A Guide to Model Railroading Magazines

The most popular model railroading magazines are those that supply their readers with general information and articles on model trains. Model Railroader and Trains are both good examples of these types of magazines. In these journals you'll find everything you wanted to know from articles about experts in the toy train community to guides on popular layout schemes.

If classic trains are your cup of tea, then you'll want to turn to more specialized journals. Classic Trains and Classic Toy Trains are both recognized and popular magazines for classic train enthusiasts. These magazines cover where to find the best classic trains, how to restore older and possibly damaged trains, and what you'll find at classic train conventions.

Another popular magazine is the Garden Railways magazine. Devoted to the garden train aficionado, these magazines are packed with pertinent information for making your garden train the best that it can be. Layout schemes and tips for the special care required of a garden train make this magazine an excellent research guide for anyone with an interest in garden trains.

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