Model Train Accessories

Written by Diane Sievert
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Model train accessories are a booming business with plenty to offer the model train enthusiast. There's a lot more to be had than a few figurines or miniature logs for the lumber car. Model train accessories are a must-have if you want your model train layout to be a fully engaging sensory experience.

Some Basic Model Train Accessories

One of our first suggestions for you to consider is sound. What fun is there in playing with an electric train that runs silently around its track? From train whistles to the clackety-clack of wheels on track, sound is one of the first things to buy when shopping for model train accessories.

Another important accessory is smoke. One of the best parts of watching your train wind its way across your layout is seeing the smoke billowing behind it as it goes. Smoke makers are another inexpensive and easily installed accessory that will make your electric train much more interesting.

General pieces of model train scenery are another way to make your layout more engaging. Whether it's buildings, bridges or foliage, figurines or mountain structures complete with tunnels, scenery is a definite must when dressing up your layout. Model railroad scenery can be found in the same places as your other model train accessories.

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