Model Train Buildings

Written by Diane Sievert
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Model train buildings can add so much to the overall impression of a layout. What could be more fun than watching your electric train pass through a little outpost on its way around the track? Dressing up your layout with some model train buildings is a sure-fire way to attract more interest to your electric train.

How to Use Model Train Buildings in Your Layout

The first thing to realize is that model train buildings aren't an absolute necessity when it comes to model trains. Getting your locomotive, rolling stock and track organized is your first task and setting up a layout scheme is your second. Once you've got that scheme up and running, however, adding some buildings and other scenery is a great way to continue working with your new toy.

If you've got a theme going with your layout, you'll want to make sure your new buildings reflect that theme. No sense in having your Orient Express pass through a Wild West ghost town complete with tumbleweeds. Hobby stores and train catalogs are a good place to look for buildings that will fit in with your overall theme.

If you've looked everywhere but can't find a building that suits you, you might want to consider building it yourself. Chances are that if you find model trains an engaging hobby, you've already got an engineer's mindset. And it's not hard finding help--most of the popular model railroading magazines feature articles on this very topic.

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Scale American Flyer Buildings

Hi Guys, I am doing an ongoing release of period specific American Flyer scale buildings from the golden age of American Railroads. You can visit some of my early releases at

Cheers-Bill Bronson

PS-I have lots of other fun to build stuff and will keep adding more to this site.

Scale Buildings

Hi Diane, I have just posted the first of ongoing releases of my creations of period specific buildings in American Flyer and Lionel scale at: Bill Bronson