Model Train Scenery

Written by Diane Sievert
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Model train scenery is an excellent way to dress up your toy train layout. Where's the fun in sending a train around and around a plain old track? Adding some scenery to the route will make it a far more interesting experience.

How to Use Model Train Scenery

The most popular way to use model train scenery is to work according to a theme. Most model railroad themes center on a particular era in a particular country (think the Wild West or Christmas time in merry old London). Everything from the trees and the buildings to the miniature people should reflect the time and place of your theme.

While model train scenery can certainly add some interest to your toy train layout, it can also be overdone. Be wary of dwarfing the beauty of your model train with too much scenery. You'll also want to make sure the scenery fits together--the last thing you want is an elephant making its way through your Rocky Mountain railroad.

Where to Find Model Train Scenery

Model train scenery can be found at many of the same places you'll find model trains. Specialty shops are a good place to start although these tend to focus more on the actual locomotive than the surrounding scenery. Toy train catalogs and internet stores are also excellent sources for toy train scenery.

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