Model Train Stores

Written by Diane Sievert
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Model train stores aren't always easy to find as their specialty nature means they appeal only to a select few. Consider the last time you remember seeing a toy train specialty shop (and no, seeing The Station Agent doesn't count). If you can find one, however, it's often the best place to shop.

For example, one of the major benefits of shopping at model train stores is the helpfulness of the staff. Most model train stores are family owned and operated. The people running the place are chock full of expert opinions and they can be most useful to a beginner whose interest in toy trains has just begun to take shape.

Where to Find Model Train Stores

Toy trains may have a long history, but most model train stores are not immune to the future. Many model train stores have websites in addition to listing in the local phone book. Some of the bigger stores, chains and the like, also advertise in the back of model railroading magazines.

If you can't find a store near you, consider the following alternatives: catalogs and internet stores. Many of the brand name toy train makers have catalogs that carry everything from locomotives to the tiniest of accessories. Internet stores are another great resource for model trains if you're having trouble finding a store in your area.

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