N Scale Model Trains

Written by Diane Sievert
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N scale model trains are the second most popular size of model train purchased in the U.S. This means N scale model trains have quite a following. Far from losing ground to the more common HO scale, N scale seems to be holding its own.

Why the Interest in N Scale Model Trains?

N scale devotees are quite vocal in their support for N scale model trains. Most of them swear up and down that they'd never work with anything else. Why all the love and devotion for N scale?

Unlike tinier scales (i.e. Z scale), N scale trains allow the modeler to work on fine details. For example, painting the lining of the locomotive's window would be a hard job for someone working with Z scale--you'd need a pretty fine paintbrush and a magnifying glass. N scale trains are just large enough to allow the modeler easy access to such details.

Another reason N scale model trains have so many fans is that they are still small enough to fit in confined spaces. If you live in a cramped house or apartment, you probably don't have room for an HO scale train. An N scale train, on the other hand, can have its own place in your home without taking the whole place over.

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