N Scale Trains

Written by Diane Sievert
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N scale trains are the second most popular size of model train readily available in the U.S. The N scale ratio is 1:160 and the track gauge is 9 mm. Many people love N scale trains because you get all the benefits of working with a smaller train without the hassle of hunting for supplies (the way you have to if you work with Z scale).

Pros and Cons of Working with N Scale Trains

One of the major benefits of working with N scale trains is the ability to run a large layout in a relatively small area. Whereas most larger scale trains require an entire room or more for an intricate layout, N scale trains can be operated within smaller dimensions. One table a table a good ten to twelve square feet is enough to begin with.

One drawback to working with N scale is the lack of detail. Often times the smaller the train, the less detail. The only way to get an exquisitely detailed small train is to pay up for a super high quality locomotive.

Another pro of investing in N scale trains is the availability of supplies. N scale is a mass produced scale which means all the major model railroading manufacturers make train sets and supplies in N scale. And when there's more available, the prices tend be to be lower as well.

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