Toy Trains

Written by Diane Sievert
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Toy trains vary quite a bit in expense; some are relatively inexpensive while others can cost several hundred dollars. While it may not be obvious to the toy train novice, the price tag is actually determined by a number of different factors. Knowing what the price gets you will help you choose the best toy train for you.

A Guide to Costs of Toy Trains

The price tag of most toy trains is determined by three main factors. The first of these is the scale--the smaller the model, the more effort required to make it a working reproduction of the real thing. However, an unusually large toy train can also be quite expensive, as it will require more material for the making.

Also important is the source and location of the manufacturing company. If you're dead-set on ordering a specialized train from a manufacturing company in Britain, for example, expect to pay more for shipping costs and import taxes. Also be aware that some companies use more costly materials than others in the construction of their trains--generally the more expensive trains are higher quality.

The cost of toy trains is likewise affected by the toy train market. The most popular scales tend to be mass-produced and this generally means lower prices since there's more competition in the market. Less popular scales, on the other hand, are apt to be quite expensive.

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