Z Scale Trains

Written by Diane Sievert
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Z scale trains are the tiniest of the mass-produced model trains currently on the market. Z scale trains are built at a 1:220 ratio (which means the model is 220 times smaller than the original, life-size locomotive) and require a track gauge of 6.5 mm. While there are many benefits to working with smaller model trains, there are also some drawbacks.

The Pros and Cons of Working with Z Scale Trains

Quite possibly the most obvious pro to working with Z scale trains is the fact that less space is required. Larger trains, like HO or N scale, often require an entire room or whole basement for operation. Using Z scale means you can build an intricate layout in a smaller space.

Another benefit to working with Z scale is that these products tend of be of very high quality. A drawback, however, is that there are fewer products available. Whereas HO and N scale modelers have a huge selection of supplies at their fingertips, Z scalers have less to work with.

In addition to having a smaller selection of supplies to work with, Z scale trains and parts also tend to be more expensive. As a result, many Z scale modelers learn to build things themselves. If this kind of effort and attention appeals to you, then Z scale may be the best way to meet your model train needs.

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