Written by Scott Martin
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I love to have out of town guests visit and stay with my family. However, we do not have a guest bedroom. For years I had people sleeping on the couch, but that was before I discovered the Aerobed. Now, with the Aerobed I can quickly turn any room into a guest bedroom.

What Is the Aerobed?

These are not the old blow-up mattresses that you would take camping. Rather, the Aerobed is a sophisticated air mattress with many technological breakthroughs. It is like having an instant mattress that can be folded up and put in the closet.

I was skeptical at first about sleeping on the Aerobed, but once I found out how comfortable it is, I was sold. Through advance design, the Aerobed has achieved comfort unsurpassed by other inflatable mattresses. The Aerobed is the guest mattress that people will actually want to sleep on.

The Aerobed is available in many different sizes in order to suit your needs. Also, it comes with a pump that rapidly inflates the mattress. Now with the Aerobed, I take my own bed with me when I travel.

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