American Bald Eagle And Flag

Written by Michael Federico
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The American bald eagle and the American flag are intrinsically connected in the minds of many people. From the time that they are children, they have seen the two objects displayed together. The eagle is a symbol of freedom, pride, and power. It adorns the Seal of the President, it graces currency, and it often rests atop a flagpole that flies Old Glory.

Artists have long used both the bald eagle and the flag in works created to inspire patriotism. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs display the two images in a variety of ways. In many, the eagle is in the foreground while the flag flies in the distance. In other works, the bird flies in front or over the flag, giving the Stars and Stripes the focus. In many photographs, the image of the bald eagle is superimposed upon that of the flag.

Buying Bald Eagle and Flag Products

There are a number of stores that specialize in patriotic items. The majority of these pay tribute to the American bald eagle and the flag that it is connected to. There are figurines, full-scale statues, clocks, bookends, and candleholders that feature the eagle and flag. There are also shirts, skirts, and shorts that incorporate the design. Bumper stickers, banners, and flags made specifically for one's car can be found, as well. Most of these items are inexpensive and easy to display.

Patriotic products for kids can also be found fairly easily. There are eagle and flag nightlights. There are also several different stuffed animal eagles, many of which come complete with an American flag.

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