American Bald Eagle Figurines

Written by Michael Federico
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Nature figurines can be found in stores throughout the country. In fact, some outlets carry entire figurine sets that allow a person to recreate a scene from the jungle, the savannah, the forest, or the mountaintop. Lion figurines can be found lounging in the grass, while a chimp is situated in the tree branches above.

There are sets that focus specifically on animals that are native to America. A mountainside scene might have bald eagle figurines looking down on figurines of wildcats, snakes, or even bears. The detail in many of these nature figurines is practically flawless. The craftsmen have captured every aspect of the animals, and in many cases have succeeded in making them look active.

Patriotic Bald Eagle Figurines

There are a number of people in the United States that view the bald eagle more as a symbol than as an actual animal. They are not necessarily interested in figurines that depict the bird in its everyday surroundings. Instead, they want the eagle to stand by the American flag.

The flag and eagle combination can be found in numerous figurines. On the whole, they are similar in appearance, but each has its own take on these representations of freedom and liberty. In some cases, the eagle is soaring, while in others the flag is the only thing that is flying. There are figurines that feature two crossed flags and some that show the bird standing within a ring of red, white, and blue. There are also figurines in which the bald eagle is draped in the flag.

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