American Bald Eagles

Written by Michael Federico
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The American bald eagle has come to symbolize both freedom and strength in the United States. The bird is depicted on money, stamps, statues, and memorials. It is used as a recruitment tool for the armed forces, and it is given reverence by many who would not do the same for any other animal. The image of the bald eagle holding the olive branch has come to mark the two distinct faces of American power. It is difficult to imagine that things in the U.S. would have turned out the same had the turkey (which was in the running) become its symbol.

The symbolic nature of the eagle, along with the fact that it is truly a majestic bird, has made it a very popular subject for sculpture, painting, and other forms of art. Much of the art that utilizes the bald eagle is patriotic in nature. However, there are some works that simply show the bird in its natural habitat, living out its daily existence.

Buying American Bald Eagle Items

There are websites that carry a number of different products that feature the American bald eagle. There are statues that feature an eagle soaring over the flag of the United States. There are bookends carved into the bust of a bald eagle and plates with an eagle standing proudly in front of Old Glory as it flaps in the wind.

There are so many items that feature the bald eagle that it is possible for a person to find almost anything he wants. There are works done in wood, glass, plastic, and much more. There are even bald eagle products such as nightlights that are designed specifically for children.

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