Amethyst Earrings

Written by Serena Berger
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Amethyst earrings come in any number of beautiful styles. You can get lovely and demure little amethyst studs if you have a gentle and feminine look or need to keep it conservative at work. If you're going for exotic, sexy, or daring, you have a number of exciting options with dangles, hoops, and drops.

If you want to find studs, there are a number of possibilities. Many women like to have a pair of solitaire studs, featuring flawless stones in a simple prong setting. You can get tiny stones in the range of .15 carat for just a hint of purple sparkle (this can be really nice if you have multiple piercings, or for young children with pierced ears), or larger stones in the 1 carat range for a dramatic and elegant statement.

Sexy Amethyst Earrings: Hoops and Chandeliers

If you like hoops, there are beautiful amethyst earrings that could fit the bill. Semi hoops are a possibility to consider, as you can find beautiful stones set in semi hoops that will be less expensive than full hoops and look just as beautiful. If you want large hoops to wear out clubbing or on a date when you're going for a fabulous and flirty look, you might want to consider synthetic amethysts--amethyst CZs or purple quartz crystals are a lot more affordable, and you can get huge thin hoops set all around with these beautiful purple stones. If you're looking at chandelier earrings, you can find amethysts, as well as purple beads and crystals set in elaborate and sexy dangles that will capture everyone's attention.

Many times if you're giving amethyst earrings as a gift you can find a lovely set that includes a matching necklace. Often these two jewelry items are offered together, and it's convenient to have perfectly coordinated jewelry, especially if it's your favorite. If you're looking in a large jewelry store or online at a pair of earrings that is sold by itself, it's always a good idea to find out if there is a matching necklace sold separately, too.

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