Amethyst Pendants

Written by Serena Berger
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Amethyst pendants come in a broad enough variety to satisfy the most independent women with all of their unique tastes. As all women who love these beautiful purple stones know, amethyst pendants can look stunning with any number of colors and styles of fashion. Against an expanse of skin in the deep v of an evening dress, resting on a black chenille sweater, paired with a demure cardigan twin set, or simply with jeans and a t-shirt, an amethyst pendant can be the focal point of an outfit, or a tastefully coordinated accessory piece.

Popular Designs in Amethyst Pendants

You can find amethyst pendants in many of the most popular designs for charms. Hearts, for example, make for lovely gifts, especially from a mother to daughter, or vice versa. If your daughter was born in February (for which amethyst is the official birthstone), you could get her an amethyst heart pendant for her birthday to remind her how much you love her.

You can also find any number of lovely designs for amethyst cross pendants. Many people of Christian faiths choose to wear crosses both as a reminder of their beliefs and a way of sharing those beliefs with others. Some women might choose delicate settings of tiny amethysts in yellow gold, while others would prefer larger and more dramatic stones in gothic style silver settings.

If budget is a real concern but you still want the dramatic look of a large amethyst pendant, you should consider synthetic amethysts. Amethyst CZs, in particular, look exactly like world class genuine amethysts--only a jeweler and your bank account would know the difference. The number of styles available in synthetics is as great as the number available with genuine stones, so you are sure to find something that looks as classy, elegant, and beautiful as you hoped for.

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