Angel Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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For people who believe in angels, an angel can be a part of their everyday lives. A kind spirit can watch over you and gently guide you, helping you make good decisions. It can also watch out for you and protect you, subtly steering you away from negative forces, or giving you flashes of insight or feelings that cause you to stay away from something that would be detrimental.

There are those who believe that you become what you think about. This is a particularly important tenet of yoga, because you are supposed to meditate on something that you want to take into yourself. If one believes in angels and prays or meditates while thinking about angels, one brings their mission of peace, love, and protection deeper into oneself.

Angel Pendants and Pins

Many people who believe in angels like to wear some form of angel jewelry. Pendants and pins are particularly popular. This may be because a pin can be placed on your collar so that it seems the angel is looking over your shoulder, and a pendant can be worn on a chain so that the angel is close to your heart.

Some people want a very simple piece--just a silver or gold symbol with wings and perhaps a halo is all that they need to be constantly reminded of their angelic companion. Others want an angel with them, and also take it as an opportunity to express their taste with a dramatic or striking piece of jewelry. A large angel pendant or brooch accented with crystals or semi-precious stones may be a perfect gift for someone who believes that positive forces will follow when she celebrates her belief.

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