Anniversary Gifts

Written by Serena Berger
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Anniversary gifts celebrate the re-affirmation of the vows which were spoken at your wedding ceremony over the course of many years. There are some traditions associated with anniversary gifts, but most people nowadays feel that these gifts should have a personal dimension, tailored to the recipients. The traditional list of anniversary presents may be taken as a point of inspiration, but many people who want to incorporate it will give a token gift that relates to the tradition when they can't find something perfect, and then choose something else that is just right for their beloved.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

According to tradition, paper is the appropriate gift for the first year and cotton for the second anniversary. There was an attempt to modernize the list in recent decades, so now you are kindly offered the option of clocks for the first year and china gifts the second. Appliances are prescribed as the modern gift for the fourth anniversary, but most people just don't feel that a toaster oven can appropriately capture the idea of love. "Look, honey--you can get up early and make me toast!"

Perhaps you have taken your wife shopping and she was blown away by a ring that she saw in a display case, or your husband keeps looking at wallets every time you pass a leather store but never buys one. The best anniversary gifts demonstrate your awareness of your partner's wants and needs. Better yet, you may be able to find something romantic and beautiful that your partner didn't even know that he or she wanted, but which will always be associated with you because you found it and wanted to give it to the person you love.

Those lists can provide with you a starting point if you are completely stumped, but chances are that you have a better idea of what would surprise your partner. Some couples choose to get a gift together. This might mean going in half and half on a weekend getaway, or getting something special you both can share. Matching goblets, a unique chess set, or a beautiful work of art to hang in your home can each be luxuries that you purchase together and enjoy together for years to come.

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