Aunt Sadie's

Written by Amy Hall
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Do you know someone who loves candles but has a quirky, whimsical outlook on life? If you do, then your intended recipient would probably love Aunt Sadie's candles. These unique candles come in tins that depict certain stages of life. For instance, there is the portable wedding candle, which is scented with romantic gardenia and comes in a non-breakable tin.

The Proud Parents candle smells like baby powder and has funny captions on the outside of the tin. You will chuckle over, "It seemed like such a good idea 12 months ago!" or, "Wow, I get to give birth AND change diapers!" As you can see, Aunt Sadie's gifts cater to those who don't take life too seriously, and can find humor in the milestones we all encounter. Another one that will tickle your funny bone is the Midlife Moments Candle. This candle is scented with green tea, and has the comical captions on the tin that read: "I'm having a senior moment!" and "Has anyone seen my hormones lately?"

Other candle scents by Aunt Sadie's are jasmine, bouquet, and baked apple pie. All of these fragrances are comforting, and they can make any home or office smell warm and inviting. Most people love the gift of candles, so why not mix things up a bit and get some candles that smell fabulous and are packaged in humorous tins? Your recipients will get a great chuckle, and who couldn't use a good laugh now and then?

Aunt Sadie's Whimsical Candles

There have been numerous studies done on aromatherapy and its affect on stress. People who light scented candles every day tend to feel less anxious, they sleep better, and they are better able to cope with challenging situations. If you have a reason to give a gift, or even if there is no reason, why not bestow the gift of aromatherapy on someone you love? Chances are your gift will be well received.

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