Austrian Crystal Hair Clips

Written by Serena Berger
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Women are always looking for new ways to wear their hair. Whether you're tremendously adept at creating new styles and replicating what you see in magazines and movies or you consider yourself hair-challenged and feel it's best not to deviate from a couple of hairdos that you know you can pull off, little hair clips can be easily incorporated into any style to make it instantly more interesting. You can go with a sporty and casual look, or you can add just a little bit of romance or class to any outfit with Austrian crystal hair clips.

Beautiful and Versatile Austrian Crystal Hair Accessories

If you just want to add a hint of sparkle to your hair style, you can get a tiny clip or barrette that doesn't even have to function to hold any hair in place. If you have your hair in a ponytail or bun, you can use a little clip to make it seem as though a glittering butterfly is alighting on top of it. If you pull the sides of your hair back, you can put matching barrettes at the crown for a regal and elegant look.

If you're lucky enough to have a lot of hair or relatively long hair, you get to play with larger and more dramatic barrettes. You can twist all of your hair up in a matter of seconds and clasp it in a heavy barrette accented with gorgeous Swarovski crystals. Though the style may be casual or even messy, the clip will instantly transform it into an up-do suitable for a night on the town or happy hour at a sophisticated martini bar after work.

If what you want is outright big sparkle and serious fun, you can get a barrette covered entirely with crystals. You can also get combs, pins, or hair sticks, if barrettes or butterfly clips sound a little bit too elementary school to you. Just remember that many of the best designers love to play with the bold use of semi-precious stones and crystals in accessories, and around the holiday season, sparkle is always in.

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