Baby Gift Bags

Written by Amy Hall
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Do you know someone who is going to be getting a visit from the stork soon? If you do, it might be a good idea to think of some unique baby gifts now that will come in handy for the new parents. If you are stumped trying to come up with a gift idea that will be well received by the new parents and their baby, try putting yourself in the role of a new parent. What do you need most when you have a new bundle of joy to take care of around the clock? Besides diapers, you will certainly need a host of new products.

First, babies need baby wash, diaper rash ointment, baby powder, and a baby nail clippers. You might want to put together a baby gift bag that includes all of these essentials, as well as some extra goodies. Perhaps you could toss in a lullaby CD for naptime, or maybe a colorful book that will grab the baby's attention.

Baby gift bags can also be geared towards the new mother, who is probably going to be feeling ultra tired those first few weeks with a new baby at home. You could buy a pretty basket, and fill it with treats that will pamper the new mom. For instance, you could buy some fragrant candles, bath salts, body cream, a warm bathrobe, and even a soothing CD to calm Mom's nerves after being up all night with a crying baby. This is sure to be a winner with any new mom who often feels short on time and sleep.

Winning Baby Gift Bags

Another great gift idea for a new baby is to purchase a diaper bag and fill it with travel gear for a mom and dad on the go. You might include a couple of bottles, a cotton blanket, a few pacifiers, some burp cloths, wet wipes, and a few diapers in newborn size. This is a great gift because parents of a new baby often feel chained to the house, but they will be more likely to dress baby and hit the road when they have the right gear. The sky is the limit when choosing baby gift bags, you just need to use your imagination.

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