Baby Gifts

Written by Amy Hall
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You can certainly have a great deal of fun picking out baby gifts for expectant parents, as welcoming a baby into the world is an exciting time for everyone involved. Of course, the best gift is the well-thought-out gift, as this shows your recipients that you took some time to get them something they can actually use and enjoy. The last thing new parents need is yet another stuffed teddy bear or one-piece romper.

What most new parents appreciate are baby gifts that are useful and fulfill a purpose. In other words, new babies require constant care and attention, so just try to imagine what products a new mom and dad will use daily. Personal hygiene products, such as baby shampoo, body lotion, diaper rash ointment, diapers, baby wipes, and a hairbrush with soft bristles for baby's delicate scalp always come in handy.

Other great baby gift ideas include baby bath towels that have a hood to cover baby's head for warmth, sleep blankets that essentially keep baby covered safely all night without the worry of suffocation, and a nighttime bottle warmer that has a built-in nightlight and can warm up milk quickly for those late night feedings. Many parents keep these bottle warmers plugged in either in their room or the baby's room, so a trek to the kitchen at two in the morning is totally unnecessary.

Baby Gifts for Mom

Mothers oftentimes neglect to take care of themselves when they are caring for a newborn. Therefore, a great idea could be a gift certificate at a local spa for a day of beauty or even a hot rock massage and a facial. Treating the new mom to some rest and relaxation might just be the most appreciated gift you could give. Maybe while Mom is away at the spa, you could volunteer to do some baby duty. That's sure to put the icing on the cake for any tired mom.

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