Baroque Mirrors

Written by Michael Federico
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The baroque period, which lasted from approximately 1600 to 1750, saw society challenging the ideas and designs of the era that led up to it. People who were well off in baroque society decided it was time to show everyone else how wealthy they were. Works of art were created on grand scales, and paintings became filled with action and movement. Even music took on a different form. The desire to show action affected composers of the time, as well, and they created pieces with great shifts in tempo and unique instrumentation.

Along with painting and music, the design of everyday objects shifted during the baroque period. Items such as timepieces and mirrors became ornate works, finished in gold and shaped unlike they had ever been before. Circular and oval gold mirrors were coupled with equally extravagant sconces. Raised leaf designs were commonly used on mirrors, giving them more depth and adding to their ability to dominate whatever wall they were on.

Finding Baroque Style Mirrors

It is possible to find mirrors that were actually crafted during the Baroque period. However, these incredibly expensive antiques are hard to afford for the average person. There are mirror stores that feature replicas of baroque mirrors, though. The best pieces are extremely true to the works that influenced them.

There are baroque style mirror and candle sconce pieces available. There are also mirrors that reflect the style of a certain location during the time period. The recreations are usually quite expensive in their own right, but affordable pieces can be found.

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