Birth Announcements

Written by Linda Alexander
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Birth announcements spread the joy of good news to family and friends all over the globe. Almost every parent does a birth announcement in one form or another, but the most common ones are those from invitation printing companies. They may be pink for girls or blue for boys or created in a neutral tone. Different sayings are available, but most list the parents' names, child's or children's names, date of birth, and height and weight at birth.

Variations on this theme include astrological birth charts, announcements with the babies' photos on them, or novelties such as keychains or bars of soap. In this information age, many people opt for emailed birth announcements, although these don't have the same keepsake quality the others do.

Keepsake Birth Announcements

For a new twist on an old idea, consider giving birth announcements that are messages in bottles. Announce the birth of your baby on a scroll with an ancient look, rolled up and placed into a decorative glass bottle. You can have your choice of colors, shapes, and sizes of bottles and some are even hand blown. Commemorate this special event so that people can keep the announcement for years to come.

Your baby is only born once, so be sure to announce this special occasion. No matter how you choose to say it, you'll want to remember the details and have mementos for your home, scrapbook, and the child's memory collection. Think creatively and you are sure to find a unique way to spread your happy news to the world.

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