Birthday Gift Ideas

Written by Sarah Provost
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Gift baskets have come a long way since those collections of nasty cheeses and bad wines that were the gift of choice for business situations and far-off relatives. Today, the making of gift baskets has become big business, and you can find specialized, themed, or personal baskets at many gift sites online. No longer just a holiday staple, today's gift baskets are appropriate for birthdays, anniversaries and other personal celebrations.

Birthday Gift Baskets

For young people, a clever idea is to tie the gifts in the basket to the recipient's age. How about giving "Sixteen Candles" to your sweet girl? Put in a copy of the classic movie in video or DVD, then fill the rest of the basket with, yes, sixteen candles. For a five-year-old, center the basket with a stuffed version of The Count, then put in five Sesame Street gifts, each wrapped separately. You could also do everything in fives: five packs of gum with five sticks in each, a box of sidewalk chalk with five colors, or five silver dollars.

For the not-so-young, "over the hill" themes are always popular, at least with the people giving the gifts. But if you'd like to be a little kinder, say, if your 40th birthday is fast approaching, how about a "golden years" theme? Fill the basket with Ferrero Roche candies wrapped in gold foil, a golden oldies CD and a DVD of On Golden Pond, Goldfinger or Ulee's Gold.

You could also tell the recipient that he or she is still hot! Fill a basket with various hot sauces, salsas, jars of jalapenos, candied ginger and dried peppers. Add a CD of "Hot Hot Hot" and a battery-powered hand-held fan. Save the stinky cheeses for those far-off relatives that you don't really like.

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