Blank Journals

Written by Serena Berger
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For some people, settling into a comfy chair with a journal and a pen is one of the best ways in the world to alleviate stress and get re-centered. Others like to take a blank book to a coffee shop or to the park, drink a cup of coffee of tea over the course of an hour, watch the people are them, and occasionally jot down whatever comes to mind. Still others want a book in which to document a particular journey, like the process of losing weight, getting over an ex, or working on a treasured project.

There are as many styles of journals as there are ways that people use them. Some people want lined paper (and probably feel very strongly about whether it's narrow or wide ruled, too). Others want unlined paper, and may have a strong opinion about how thick it should be, or how much cotton it should have in it.

Journal Covers

Then there's the matter of the cover. Some people want a journal cover that can go over any notebook so that they can keep it with them for many years. Others enjoy the fact that however often they fill a book, they can get something new. Perhaps it's even therapeutic or celebratory to move into a new journal if the previous one was filled with content about a troubling situation or difficult time. Some people even remember the timeline of their lives in terms of the journal in which they were writing when something happened.

While it is true that a journal is a very personal thing and someone's personal taste is often difficult to anticipate, a blank book can still be a great gift for someone who loves to write. Many people like to have more than one book at a time--if they put creative writing in one, they'll put daily events in another. They may also want not to bring their very special journal to work or anyplace where it might be lost, but they would still like a beautiful book to carry with them everywhere they go. Your gift is likely to have a special place in the recipient's life, even if he or she does not use it as his or her most private journal.

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