Brass Eagles

Written by Michael Federico
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Eagle products of all kinds have always been popular in America. The bird is, after all, a strong symbol of the country, itself. However, in recent years the country has seen a steady climb in the sale of patriotic memorabilia. This has led people to create more items that feature the American bald eagle.

The eagle has been recreated in ceramic, glass, metal, wood, and brass. In fact, brass eagles appear in a number of different forms. There are brass statues and figurines of varying sizes. There are also brass eagle candleholders, flagpole toppers, and bookends, as well. There are even America chess sets that feature brass eagle pieces.

Antique Brass Eagles

Most brass products featuring the bald eagle are finely finished. If properly taken care of, the piece will maintain its shine for a long period of time. However, there are pieces designed to look like antiques. Statues, paperweights, and many more items can be finished with an antiqued brass. This gives the eagle a somewhat weathered appearance, making it look as though the piece has been around for a very long time. Many people prefer to display these older looking pieces in rooms that have a more rustic feel to them.

It is also possible to find actual brass eagle antiques. However, one would have to visit an antique store as opposed to a store that specializes in eagle products. The eagle has long been linked with the United States, so it is possible to find patriotic eagle items that have existed for hundreds of years.

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