Breakfast Baskets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Breakfast baskets make thoughtful gifts for many occasions. How about that elderly relative who lives in a small retirement apartment? He or she may have no need for more clothes, more knickknacks, or more perfume or aftershave. Breakfast, though, is always welcome.

Breakfast baskets are great hostess gifts, and if you're staying overnight, you'll probably get to enjoy the goodies. A basket would be a lovely way to welcome a new neighbor or celebrate a retirement. Newlyweds would welcome such a gift, as would your sons or daughters as they move into their first apartments.

Breakfast baskets are also an excellent choice for business gifts. They would be especially appropriate to celebrate a new beginning of some sort. A promotion, a merger, or any event that implies "a new day" would be appropriately noted by a tasteful--and tasty--gift basket.

Putting Together Breakfast Baskets

Breakfast baskets are easy to put together yourself. A package of some interesting pancake mix, a tin of maple syrup, a pound of excellent coffee and some fresh breakfast tea would make an excellent start. You might want to add small jars of honey and fruit spreads. If the basket will be delivered promptly, fresh muffins, scones or pastries would also be appreciated. If you'd prefer to buy a basket already prepared, which is probably a good idea if it is going to be mailed or is a business rather than a personal gift, there are many places where you can find them online. You might even want to order one for yourself, and the only occasion you need is a weekend morning.

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