Bridal Shower Gifts

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Bridal showers come in as many shapes and sizes as brides. They can be given by family or friends. They can be formal or casual. They can have a theme, or they can be general. If you're close family or a best friend, you might even be invited to more than one shower. Most brides fondly remember the attendees and often remember exactly who gave them their favorite gifts.

Selecting Bridal Shower Gifts

Many couples are registering at multiple stores these days. Some even register at online web stores! While that process makes it easier for acquaintances to select gifts, sometimes close family and friends elect to show their joy and affection by searching for gifts that are unique--gifts that reflect their knowledge of the couple and their desire honor the union in a special way.

This can lead to a lengthy search for the perfect gift, one that will be a lifelong treasure. Of course, if you plan to purchase a gift that falls into the "unique" category, it's a good idea to know what kinds of things the couple likes. If their decor, for example, is minimalist, a French ormolu clock would not be a good choice. A great clock, however, can actually be a wonderful gift, especially if it is suited to the couple's taste as you know it.

Finding the Right Gift

Couples always love to receive gifts that demonstrate how much care and consideration went into the selection. One of the best places to find those gifts is the Internet. Here you will find all sorts of stores selling everything from apple candles to ceramic zebras. The very best gifts are those that the couple can use or enjoy frequently. A set of unusual imported wine goblets, for example, may be a good choice. If both bride and groom attended the same college, you can even select a memento from the school. For a change of pace, you might like the look of a handcrafted wooden tray that would be perfect for casual dining. The more the gift relates to the couple's lifestyle, the more it will be appreciated.

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