Butterfly Art

Written by Serena Berger
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Many people think that butterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Often, they find it hard to believe that a butterfly is an insect, because insects are generally expected to be unappealing, while butterflies are so graceful, and often stunningly colorful. Given their broad appeal, it is no surprise that butterflies appear liberally in everything from jewelry to accessories, items for home décor to works of art.

Butterflies are particularly popular in porcelain designs. Many of the top brands in china and pottery offer collections featuring these beautiful beings. Some people decorate their homes with these pieces simply because they are beautiful, while others embrace the idea that butterflies represent change and optimism for the future.

Butterflies on Garden Accessories

Butterflies are also popular in many aspects of garden or outdoor decoration. A wind chime or suncatcher featuring crystal butterflies can make your porch come alive with dancing light, or can be an eye-catching piece hanging over your garden. You may also be able to find a small statue of a butterfly or a gossamer butterfly clip to attach to a birdbath or fountain--you could opt for something which is obviously just a pretty piece of art, or something so realistic that every time you turn around you'll think that a live butterfly has alighted in your garden.

Children are often particularly intrigued by butterflies. You can find a lot of charming and beautiful artwork featuring butterflies that would be perfect for decorating a child's room. Porcelain vases or delicate lamps may be more suited to the living room, or they might be perfect on the nightstand next to your bed.

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