Butterfly Gifts

Written by Serena Berger
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To some, butterflies are just lovely creatures with amazingly beautiful wings. Others find them marvelous because of the transformations that they undergo. The butterfly is the only living thing that completely alters its DNA, which it does as it changes from a caterpillar to its adult form. Perhaps if the end result were not so stunning, the fascination would be limited to scientists and theologians, but since butterflies are so lovely, millions of people are drawn to their mysteries.

The Butterfly as a Totem

For some, a butterfly becomes a totem animal. For others, it's not quite such a formal designation, but thinking about, viewing, or having a butterfly in some form encourages them to think about transformation and metamorphosis, nonetheless. A butterfly is a totem animal which represents not only change, but love and joy. Change is inevitable, and butterflies remind us to love ourselves and trust the universe enough to believe that every change it brings about in us and our lives is ultimately an opportunity for growth.

Butterflies are also popular totems for dancers. The connection is an interesting one--butterflies have taste sensors on their front legs, so they often do a little "dance" when they're taking something in. Not only do dancers aspire to incredible movements that capture the joy of flight, they also embrace motion as one of the most powerful ways of interacting with the world.

For someone who loves butterflies, there are many options for wonderful gifts. Pretty accessories like barrettes and all kinds of jewelry are particularly common. You can also get figurines, blank books decorated with butterflies, or clothing and accessories that feature a butterfly motif.

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