Written by Amy Hall
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Cavallini makes beautiful stationery, note cards, lined notebooks, and more, all on fine Italian paper. If you are trying to come up with a great gift idea, surely you will be able to find a suitable treasure from the line of Cavallini paper products. The floral notecards have blue hydrangea flowers on the cover, and the paper is high quality and durable, perfect for writing notes to someone you love.

Cavallini also make telephone and address books that have that vintage look and feel to them. You might want to choose the address book with the vintage black rotary phone on the cover, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Keeping track of all your contacts is easy when you organize them in an address book. Hardcover notebooks come with elegant designs on the front, usually floral in nature, and lined Italian paper on the inside. You could use these notebooks to write letters, or even to jot down thoughts and ideas.

The vintage rubber stamps are always a big hit, as those who love the art of letter writing enjoy placing their initials at the top of the page as letterhead. Erasers that fit in the palm of your hand are always a treat, especially for people with large hands who may find those tiny erasers cumbersome to use. Cavallini makes a host of wonderful paper products that are ideal to have on hand for those moments when you need to write a letter or a thank you note.

Cavallini Stationery and Paper Goods

Many people appreciate the gift of fine stationery, as the art of letter writing has not totally died. In a world where email messages are more the norm, it can be refreshing to sit down and put pen to paper once in a while. Cavallini has a host of stationery products from which to choose, so you can be certain that you will find a style that appeals to you.

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