Celtic Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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Many people enjoy wearing beautiful and affordable sterling silver Celtic jewelry. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing the lush Scottish highlands or the verdant Irish countryside for yourself, you can still capture a little bit of the Celtic spirit with a piece that captures some of the storied history of this ancient culture. Many pieces of Celtic jewelry are replicas of symbols and decorations worn by ancient warriors and kings--those who love the legend of Camelot believe that Arthur himself may have worn some of these adornments.

Knots have appeared in a sacred context in many world cultures, though for some unknown reason it is the Celtic versions that have become the most popular for jewelry. For some, these knots remain symbols of a sacred geometry, while for others they have a looser spiritual implication. One very popular Celtic knot actually looks like a triangle, and is said to represent femininity. The maid, the mother, and the crone are a collective archetype that represents the fact that all women have the potential to have all of these roles and aspects, and that this is a source of great power and mystery for the female gender.

Celtic Knots in Ring Designs

Some people find Celtic knots to be particularly romantic. The idea is that, like a circle, you can see no beginning and no end to the design. If you start tracing the knot from one point, you will traverse the entirety of the design and end up back where you started.

Hence, for many, these knots in any traditional or modern design represent infinity. As such, they make an oft-requested design for wedding bands. Top designers work with Celtic knots to craft rings in all of the precious metals, and many couples choose these designs, no matter what their ethnicity or cultural heritage may be.

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