Ceramic Ducks

Written by Michael Federico
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Ceramic animals of all shapes and sizes are popular collectibles throughout the country. Figurines and statues depicting animals in action or repose can be found in a number of traditional and online stores. Some of these outlets have entire collections that a person can slowly accumulate. Payments are made over an extended period of time and new pieces arrive on a regular basis.

People who are interested in ceramic ducks have a number of choices. There are ducks that simply stand alone. There are also ceramic recreations of ducks in flight and ducks on the water. There are even figurines that show ducks inverted, looking for fish under the surface of a pond. There are ceramic duck paperweights, bookends, candleholders, and clocks, as well.

Handcrafted Ceramic Ducks

Some duck figurines are mass-produced. This does not mean that they are poorly made, but it does mean that they are not very original. They will also, in many cases, lack the detail of pieces that are crafted by hand. It is true that mass-produced products will generally be less expensive than more unique items. However, there are a number of websites that offer deals to their members and have frequent sales on their handcrafted figurines, greatly narrowing the difference in price.

There are some stores that feature highly detailed ceramic duck creations. These are designed and constructed by artisans who work exclusively in ceramic. Only a few of each design will be produced, lending an air of originality to the piece. These works will often look extremely lifelike, making them perfect gifts for nature lovers.

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